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Goin' on a bear hunt REPEAT


Let's go! REPEAT

Coming to a river REPEAT

Can't go around it. REPEAT

Can't go over it. REPEAT

Gotta swim through it. REPEAT

(Do swimming strokes making splashing noises.) Backstroke! Whew! REPEAT

Coming to a swamp. REPEAT

Can't go under it. REPEAT

Can't go over it. REPEAT

Gotta go through it. REPEAT

(Exaggerated walking motions, making sucking noises) Oh, a snake.

Coming to a wheat field...

(Swishing sounds)

Coming to a forest...

(Climbing motions)

Coming to a cave REPEAT

Bears live in caves. REPEAT

I'm on a bear hunt REPEAT

Let's go in. REPEAT

Oh, it's dark in here. REPEAT

It's fuzzy in here. REPEAT

Something's sharp in here. REPEAT

Something's growling in here. REPEAT

It's a bear! REPEAT


With this song, the group is slapping their hands onto their thighs while pretending to walk. And as the group runs from the cave, the leader proceeds to take them back through everything they marched through to get to the cave. All the motions are as fast as possible.

GWH There are as many different variations of Going on a Bear Hunt as there are bears in the USA.

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